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    • Everything In Character (IC) goes in the sections of the board labelled by locations. Everything Out Of Character (OOC) goes in the Leap Year forum - this could be plotting, requesting graphics, posting challenges for fellow writers everything where it's you as a handler who's speaking instead of your character.
    • You are allowed to post threads taking place in the past in our Stories Of The Past forum which is dedicated especially to that purpose. When posting there, please label the thread starter with when and where your thread is taking place.
    • When posting threads you have the option of labelling them 'Open', which means that anyone who desires so can jump in, or 'Closed' which means that handlers will need permission to join. This information goes in the title field.
    • We do not require you to rate your threads, but we do ask that when posting sensitive material such as graphic birthing scenes, graphic death or similar, that you add a warning in the 'Description' field underneath your title as a courtesy to your fellow handlers.
    • As a general note we follow whichever laws are in effect in the country where a thread is taking place, this means that threads taking place in all forums except for The World must follow British law.
    • In relation to time it is up to the individual handler if they want to follow Hogwarts terms, or chose their own progression of time.


    • If you would like for your character to be of a special race, please refer here and where you can post and then a staffer will add your character and their race to the Special Race Masterlist. Likewise, if you'd like for your character to have a special ability. Approved races and abilities on Prior Incantato are the canon races and abilities.


    • When your character is having a baby, please refer here to have the Child Masterlist updated. If bringing a character to Prior Incantato who already has a child please also add this child to the list.
    • You are free to create a child account whenever you want, however please keep in mind that you're also free to GM any child for as long as you wish.


    • When you register a character on Prior Incancato you may choose an address for this character, whether it be alone or with family/roommates. If you would like this address noted on the official directory, please post in the Housing Masterlist thread.
    • If you would like a physical forum to be created with that address please contact a staffer in this same thread here.


    • Jobs on Prior Incantato are open to everyone on a first come, first served basis. Just check the Job Masterlist, and if a position is available you may claim it here. It will then be added to the Masterlist.
    • If later, you would like to have your character promoted, or change their job you will need to post again in the same thread here.
    • If you wish to RP your character the owner or employee of a shop that has not yet been created on Prior Incantato, please contact a staffer here to discuss setting up a forum for it.
    • You are not required to RP the job, but we do encourage you to embrace the profession and contribute as such.
    • Note that IC actions may have consequences for the job status of your character, and can mean that they will be removed from the position if their actions deem them inappropriate for such a job.


    • Should you tire of a character or should they reach that age where it would be natural for them to pass, you may RP their death as you wish, though we ask that you please post here to inform a staffer once they are deceased and have the death added to our Deceased Masterlist.


    • When posting student characters we ask you to follow the rules of the institutions as they've been set up in canon.
    • Hogwarts terms are roughly 1½ months long, with a two week break i nbetween for summer holidays. The exact dates can be found in the site calendar.
    • Student actions may, similar to the adult job situation, have IC consequences, and can possibly mean suspension or expulsion.


    • If you would like to suggest changes, member titles or new forums, give feedback or otherwise get in touch with a staffer check out the Contact Point located under the Home category. This is also where you find someone who can change a title, add a sensitive scene warning, delete double posts or otherwise address any technical issues that may arise.

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