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    Site Rules

    Post by The Four Seasons on Thu Sep 13, 2012 10:23 pm

    • Rule Number One: Be nice to your fellow players. While we're pretty relaxed about many things, we do not tolerate OOC rudeness towards other handlers. Respect the handlers, their characters and their plots!
    • Posts should be a minimum of 100 words long, written in 3rd person, past tense and proper English. Threads labelled Closed cannot be entered without permission, whereas threads with no label or labelled 'Open' can be entered by anyone.
    • Threads set in the past must be posted in the Stories Of The Past forum, which can be found here.
    • You may use any spells from canon, and you're welcome to create your own in addition to these. Be aware that if you're using spells from other games they may be copyrighted and thus not allowed here.
    • No Godmoding (GMing)! You may not control the thoughts, actions, dialogue, expressions, abilities, qualities or possessions of another character without their premission.
    • All copyrighted material must be credited to its source. This goes for all areas of the board and all kinds of copyrighted material (like books, music, films). Copyrighted material should be kept to a minimum.
    • Generally, if it hasn't been expressly forbidden, it is allowed, though if in doubt you may always contact an admin.
    • Graphics in signatures may be up to 500x200 pixel and other places up to 500x500 pixels. Avatars may be up to 150x150 pixels, and 50kb. As gifs make the site load more slowly, they are discouraged. Please keep graphics PG-13.
    • All graphics should be credited to its creator. (e.g. Graphic credited to Green @ TDA) unless created by yourself. (You may credit yourself if you'd like though).

    • You're registering a character not yourself so no Super_CraZy88, just the first and last name of your character (e.g. John Smith)
    • As per copyright rules you are not allowed to register a character that is the creation of someone else, unless you have the author's express permission.
    • As for face claims Prior Incantanto allows a maximum of two characters per face.

    • Sexual content: No sexual deviancy, rape or incest. Try to keep it classy.
    • Drugs and drinking: Follow the rules of the country in which your character is staying.
    • Rules that applied in canon also applies here; that means the legal age to perform magic is 17; that means that muggle devices have no place in magical areas, ect. ect.
    • Since this is an English board we ask that you please translate any non-English material e.g in a note at the bottom of your post.
    • When writing mean or hateful characters it's good RPing practice to warn the other handlers in order to avoid misunderstandings.
    • Remeber which character you're playing and adjust their skills to fit their age, physique, status,race, ect. ect.
    • When posting graphic scenes about sensitive issues (sex, birth, death), please add a warning for your fellow members.

    Once you've read these rules, please proceed to the Registration Thread to complete your registration.

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