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    Prior Incantato Central Plot

    Post by The Four Seasons on Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:40 am

    70 years ago the Great Battle of Hogwarts took place. Every wizard and witch in the whole world have heard about Lord Voldemort and how he was working with his Death Eaters to take over the world and rid them of all muggleborns believing in complete segregation between wizards and muggles. After Harry Potter and his friends finally rid the world of Voldemort the wizarding world reached a time of definite peace for the first time in years.

    However around the corners there lives a whisper of the Last Death Eater. The one last Death Eater still alive, though securely locked away within the walls of Azkaban. Prior Incantato is a Harry Potter based RolePlay Game site centering around the legend of the Last Death Eater.

    ... To be continued

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