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    Colours of the winds (or just the members)

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    Colours of the winds (or just the members)

    Post by Spring on Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:33 am

    I worked a little around with the colours and I tried to make them so every group of groups are in the same nuance of colours. What I've tried to is to make that blue is for Ministry of Magic, red for St. Mungo's, green for Hogwarts, purple for shops and reporters, orange/yellow for others and ent.
    Please let me know if some of the colours look too much alike or are difficult to read, then I'll try to adjust.

    Also, there is now a new snazzy colour for child accounts if you ever want to make one of those, so don't hesitate. Light green is the new pink, since baby pink didn't seem appropriate for both girls and boys.

    Enjoy the new group colours of PI! Very Happy


    Winter captures Spring so well! Thank you!

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